Physician Intelligence

Want to hear how doctors feel about a certain device? How about their techniques and concerns during a specific procedure? Those are just a few of the answers our panelists can provide to guide your strategic decision making.

Our Network

Our vast network of HCPs allows us to filter by therapeutic area, condition, and procedure among others. We select only the most insightful HCPs to pariticpate in our panels giving you the most relevant feedback available.

Our Solution


Our physician intelligence can be used by R&D teams to fuel future product development, marketers to perform A/B testing, or to educate sales reps on perceptions regarding brand or device efficacy.


Once the data has been collected to your liking, allow our team of market research experts to interpret the responses. We can segment the results by age, experience level, activity, etc. so your team can sit back and make successful business decisions.

Our Results

Case Studies

In early 2019, on behalf of a large pharmaceutical partner, we launched a survey to physicians in the area of herniated disc repair. They wanted to know the methods used and their concerns while performing the procedure. In just two weeks we received responses from over 280 physicians. The information collected was used in the decision-making process for a future medical device. As a result of the insights we provided, they decided not to move forward with the project, potentially saving the company millions of dollars.


In a recent project for a pharmaceutical client, we conducted a study on the topic of surgeon divergence among surgeons who perform hysterectomies and myomectomies. They wanted to know their opinions on performing theses procedures and how they varied based on their experience level. In a matter of 15 days we collected data from over 330 doctors. The insights gathered would indicate trends regarding device usage and techniques. The client used this data to guide the R & D team’s development of a future device.


Our most recent physician survey involved finding out detailed processes of various surgical procedures. The client wanted insights into clamping techniques, bleeding concerns, and warm ischemia time during surgery. We successfully launched and collected over 140 responses in exactly one week. This enabled the team to pinpoint where to focus their efforts on future product development.

Other Case Studies

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