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Patient recruitment is the most time-consuming portion of the clinical trial process, sometimes taking up to 30% of the clinical timeline. healtheo360 has a proven track record of helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies minimize the time required to identify patients that may qualify as candidates for trial.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Our Recipe For Success

The healtheo360 global network of patients, family members, and caregivers is 20 Million and growing. Through our partnerships with research organizations, non-profits, and patient advocacy groups, healtheo360 is able to provide the most targeted approach to patient recruiting available.

healtheo360 has over 60 years of experience consulting and working with Fortune 100, middle market, and early stage startup companies within the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. We bring that experience to every one of our client projects.

healtheo360’s relationships with our clients are built on trust, mutual respect, and a true passion for helping patients and caregivers. Your success is our success. Whether we are partnering with a client for the first time, or you have been our partner over the years, no project is too big or too small to command our undivided attention.


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Is healtheo360 able to recruit patients for rare diseases?
How does healtheo360 work with a clinical research organization to help facilitate the patient recruiting process?
How does healtheo360 identify patients near trial sites?

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Case Studies

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